Sunday, 6 May 2012

Diamond Necklace Malayalam Movie Review

Diamond Necklace, directed by Lal Jose reached theatres on Friday;May4th 2012. Fahad Fazil, Samvritha Sunil, Namitha Pramod, Sreenivasan, Rohini, Seema G.Nair, Anusree, Gauthami Nair and Arun Kumar have starred in this movie. P.V.Pradeep and Lal Jose had produced the movie under the banner of Anitha Productions and L.J.Films.Lets read on now and see how Diamond Necklace movie review goes.
Lal Jose’s first production venture Diamond Necklace tells the story of Dr ArunKumar, a young, talented, good looking fellow who is working in in Dubai. Arun lives a lavish life than a normal doctor. His attitute towards life is positive. Dr Arun is quite in touch with Venuettan, who is a close friend and native of him. Arun falls in love with Lakshmi a tamil girl who joined his hospital as a nurse. In between this Arun’s credit cards go completely dead because of his lavish life style and he realizes that his loan due has gone high and he is running out of time to make it up to a safe zone. Meanwhile another two girls Fashion Designer Maya and Kalamandalam Rajasree enters his life and the movie revolves around the relationship of Arun and 3 girls and What is the role of a Diamond necklace in their lives ?Watch the movie to know more.
Fahad enacted Dr Arun perfectly. He looks too natural. His performance is the main highlight of the movie. Once again Fahad captures our hearts with his inherited talent show. Samvritha as a Fashion designer did a excellent performance. She looks cute, charming and elegant.She deserves an appreciation for sure. Gauthami Nair as tamil nurse did perform what the script deserves; nothing more ,nothing less. Anusree has also done a remarkable performance as Kalamandalam Rajasree. She deserves an apreciation too for a catchy performance in her debut movie. She has a long way to go now in Malayalam film industry which is really running short of female talents. Sreenivasan as Venuettan did his role with his ease and very natural style. Other casts like Maniyanpilla Raju,Rohni etc have done their roles very well. Not even a single fault to be pointed from the artists’ side.
Lal Jose managed well to connect and cordinate the stories very well.He has tried his best to engage the audience in the movie though failed in few places. Dr Iqbal Kuttipuram’s Scripting was poewrful and keeps us glued to the seats.Very well written with the pace required and the flow is appreciated. His dialogues were also impressive and some of them had a unique touch of good humour sense. Vidyasagar’s music was another highlight in the movie. ‘Nilamalare’ song was too good to hear at the boxes. Sameer Thahir’s cinemetography was excellent, the cinematographer does not just get limited to the frames of the scripts; true display of talent.He has captured the beauty of UK and other places very well. Ranjan Abraham’s editing was very good; but felt that it could have been a bit more sharp. Art direction by Mohandas was with no faults.
Overall the film is an above average one with some minor faults in the middle portions of the movie only but carried out well especially by the remarkable performances of Fahad and Samvritha. Defenitely Family Audience will like this film and hope it will get an average run.
Verdict:-Worth watching !

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