Friday, 30 March 2012

Masters Malayalam Movie Review

“Masters”, Johny Antony’s directorial , starts by telling the story of two, Milan(Sasikumar) and Sreeramakrishnan(Prithviraj), friends from college days and friends still. The story takes place in Kottayam where Milan works as a reporter (of repute) and Sreeramakrishnan is the Assistant Superintendent of Police. 

Both are idealistic, young and always looking to improve the world. Sreeramakrishnan, very impulsive and short of temper, gets into tricky and embarrassing situations time and time again, only to be rescued each time by his friend Milan. Consequently, Milan is the target for the ASP’s enemies but he is spared from grievous injuries by the timely intervention of Sreeramakrishnan. Things go along smoothly until 'something terrible' occurs in the city dragging the two friends into it. Together, the set about to solve the mystery and on their way, come across some perplexing and mystifying moments. This in short is the theme in “Masters”. 

Prithviraj as Sreeramakrishnan and Sasikumar as Milan show enough quality in their performance to carry the movie on their own. Prithviraj as usual is smart, very good-looking and delivers his portions with punch and dynamism. 

Sasikumar, making his debut in Malayalam cinema, has given a fine performance as Milan which has added a lot more colour to the character. Salimkumar, confident yet subtle, gives yet another quality performance. Piaa, Ananya,Sandhya and Mitra Kurian have taken their limited roles seriously. Biju Menon and Saikumar were impressive . The supporting cast of Siddique, Mukesh,Shammi Thilakan, Surekha, Jagathy Sreekumar, Geetha are adequate in the roles assigned to them. 

The movie is produced by B.Sarathchandran under the banner of Sincere Cinema. The film appears to have the right mix of everything to make it an 'ok' entertainer for the viewer. 

The lead actors look refreshingly different and capable of carrying the movie on their shoulders. The story and the dialogues are lively and thrilled at some level, background music is peppy, action scenes are appropriate and the whole package will appeal to the viewers of all ages. 

Team work, ethics and sacrifice are attributes that move the hearts of audience and the director has succeeded in highlighting these qualities in the heroes. At the same time, he has been wise enough to keep the story within the track of credibility, while giving good entertainment value. 

Jinu Abraham writes the script, full of endless possibilities but could have done better as far as the sense of thrills go.

Madhu Neelakandan’s cinematography is excellent and Gopi Sunder’s background music add spice to the movie.

On the whole 'Masters' has blended well to make a neat racy entertainer. 

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