Friday, 3 February 2012

Second Show Malayalam Movie Review

Son of megastar Mammootty , Dulquer Salmaan makes his debut in the film “Second Show” which reaches the theaters today, 3rd of February. A host of youngsters also mark their debut in this film. Dulquer Salmaan is the protagonist in “Second Show” and Gauthami Nair plays his heroine. Director Srinath Rajendran also makes his debut with this movie. Others making their entry in to Malayalam filmdom include Bollywood TV and cinema actor Sudesh Berry, and Vini Vishnulal who authors the script and screen play. Pappu, assistant cinematographer of Rajeev Ravi is the cinematographer. Kaithapram Namboodiri is the music director and Avial Band has also chipped in with a musical number. The movie is made under the manner of AOPL International Pvt. Ltd.

The movie depicts the happenings in the underworld of a city. They are unflustered and unruffled in any crisis, they have no qualms when annihilating their prey, they are contract teams known as Quotation Gangs, and “Second Show” is a movie about them, but unlike the usual movies about these goons, this is a story with a difference.
Young Lalu and his friends have a clash with the infamous gang leader of the city, Vishnubudhan. Lalu alias Hari starts making moves against Vishnubudhan, and at the same time, the gang leader plans ways and means to destroy Lalu. The story of “Second Show” develops along these lines.

The storyline is rather thin and consequently the script is fragmented with real settings,situational comedy scenes and catching dialogues. The theme of friendship and loyalty is strikingly familiar and at times the film rambles along aimlessly, especially during the second half. The situations sometimes seem contrived and made as an after thought. It is obvious that the director has made an earnest attempt and there are instances where the movie rises to a different level.

Srinath Rajendran has made sure that the best technical resources are made use of in the film. And he has shown glimpses of brilliance in the handling of the movie which promises better things to come. Photography in general is good with some stunning takes from Pappu. Editing, by Praveen K.L. and Sreekanth N.B. is efficient but there is scope for further cuts at places where the movie limps along.Vini Vishwalal's script is refreshing. Music by Avial and Nikhil is average but background music is better.
Special mention must be made about the youngsters have performed creditably. Dulquar Salman, who acts as Lalu, the gang leader, has handled his part well as a rookie, but he will improve with time and sharpen his skills to reach greater heights. Gauthami Nair is pretty and performs well. Sunny, who is the jester in the group, has his charming moments. Sunny's 'Kurudi' turns to show-stealer. Baburaj provides the required humourous touch and does it well. Sudesh Berry with his macho looks fits the part of villain admirably. The rest of the crew such as Noora, Aneesh, Anil, Bibin, Murali Krishna and Rohini are competent in their roles.

This is the moment of experimentation in Malayalam cinema. Can say 'Second Show' is successful at some terms. If you are not looking for a serious stuff, 'Second Show' could turn out to be an okay entertainer.

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