Thursday, 12 April 2012

COBRA Malayalam Movie REVIEW

Cobra is a fine mix of some good comedy, good direction, simple story, romance, fine action and some good emotional scenes… To sum up,Cobra might end up as a good entertaining movie to celebrate this festival.

Lal is known for a director, who will make interesting films from a very simple story, Here in Cobra as well, he repeated the same with the help of a great actor Mammootty in the lead… With the technical aspect of the film is top notch, the film can be rated as one of the good watch. Yet the film lacks the charisma and the fun, the Lal able to provide with his last few films.
The plus point of this movie is Mammootty,who back with his recent successful win formula, Comedy, And he did another splendid job with his highly convincing comedies.

It is the Story of two brothers, Raja(Mammootty) and Kari (Lal),they are famous with their nick name Cobra. They like anything starts with Co. Then they went to Kottayam for buying a land, and their the find the two twins, PadmaPriya and Kaniha and decided to marry them. Some suspense, emotions and hilarious moments will form the rest of the movie…

Mammootty : Megastar is back with a splendid performance, where his comedy timing was top notch, and he did not disappoint with his latest win formula – Comedy. And he is given a film to celebrate for both his well wishers and fans.
Lal : This talented actor -  director, had continued his good performance and given amble support to Mammootty. The lead pair combinations were the highlights of the film.
Lalu Alex : A very good performance from him and comedies were good.
Kaniha nad Padmapriya : Did their best with their respective roles
Salim Kumar and Manian pilla Raju: Did good job as the twin assistants …
The rest of the cast done  their job decently, good to see Babu Antony is getting some nice roles.

Director : Lal, Cobra is again a Lal’s trade mark movie, his direction and narrative was good.
Screen Play : Lal again proved, how he can turn a simple thread into an interesting film.
Camera : Venu, did an amazing job with his camera, and was too good in Climax scenes..
Music : Alex Paul have got some nice music, however I doubt, whether the song is choreographed well…
Editing : V sajan‘s editing was another highlight of the film, does’t seem to be dragging  !!

Cobra is a movie, which belongs to director Lal, with his amazing style of execution. With a comedy filled first half and little serious second half film will be  a good catch for this festival season. Though the climax is good, we might expect a better one, and again this may not be the best film from Lal… The success of the movie is that it is not just brainless comedies, it has some nice mixture of all the ingredients, which helps to pull audience of all types

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